A Certain Psuedo Christian of an Unknown Age.

Hello! I'm Kadeem.
I'm pretty sure that at this point in time. I'm enrolled at the School of Advertising Arts Anyway I love to draw. So enjoy what I have.

"How’s That Pokemon"

It’s going to kill you.

Some Sketches From That GravityFallsOnPokemon Thing

Another oldie

The concept is pretty simple his is the French Monkey King that can control animals telepathically.

That being said he has reach Nirvana the highest rank for a Telepath.

An this a little situation he is currently in.

He’s playing around.

A while ago

not good but I’ll be in college soon

Working on this Poster design.

Cartoon like surreal.

Sketch of the Cowgirl

Pertending to practice art

I made candle Holders awhile back

this was a thing

I’ve been watching Mad Men and I really wanted to do something creative with tracing, but I didn’t want it to be straight up cut and pasting.

Tracing an image is wrong. Seriously. It’s not very creative. It can be use as a creative practice, reference, photo realistic challenge, etc.

But that doesn’t make this image my.

UnderCast 78

nough said

Recently I’ve been dreaming of dream catchers.

I monitor a caterpillar for Environmental Science.

Spot the difference.

Basic Concept art for an animation a long time ago


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