A Certain Psuedo Christian of an Unknown Age.

Hello! I'm Kadeem.
I'm pretty sure that at this point in time. I'm enrolled at the School of Advertising Arts Anyway I love to draw. So enjoy what I have.

This show has always seemed like a retro breath of fresh air.

Also animals

Its time i try defying gravity,

and you cant hold me down

Just trying my hand at fashion concepts for another redesign.
#sketch #probablygoing to delete

Finish that Ursula Sketch, I bet you wish i was at SDCC


Practing in Photoshop

I made this…


Love the #gravityfalls premiere so much I had to make some bad fan art. Expect Mabel in the coming days. #love

Page two preview of another AU pokemon comic.

Unamed ofcourse with different pokemon phsyology 

This a lady I drew called Matilda. @alt-j #Matilda. Yea…

Im nto sure i ever posted this…

Im really getting into line art on Manga Studio.

I might save coloring for PhotoShop though,

How is this red haired lady #redhead #sketch

I don’t remember posting this so here it is…

OC Bruce Maine Cover. This might be the style of my Comics

Sneak peak at a comic I’m working on in #mangastudio #Pokemon #hypno #redridinghood

draw more obama x steve

Maybe… Yea… Okay.

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