A Certain Psuedo Christian of an Unknown Age.

Hello! I'm Kadeem.
I'm pretty sure that at this point in time. I'm enrolled at the School of Advertising Arts Anyway I love to draw. So enjoy what I have.

draw more obama x steve

Maybe… Yea… Okay.

Sorry for another sketch next one is for real

Lady with nice hair #redhead @redhead #sketch #pentel

This is what progress looks like @surgecolumbus #wip #buttonmaker

Everyone’s favorite AU. The Ultimate Xavier high school.
#coachwolverine #wolverine #xmen #highschool #sketch #pentel

This ones for my best friend thanks for listening to me talk about Pokemon. No it’s time to change my focus. #mgs #metalgearsolid #solidsnake #nakedsnake #pilskin #Fanart

What is that a progress update, so soon?

Now I can keep all my social media up dated with my work.
#prismacolor #disney #disney
Just realized I’m gonna have to hashtag every thing.

I spent at least four hours on this sketch , then thirty minutes trying to make this ladies hair look iconic.
Needless to say I look down…

Work in progress

Me before I ever played Pokémon.


Done w/ the feature. I might make them softer so she can look more feminine. But it’s on to the background for now.

This is my painting and my other blog for rebel of stuff.

People I have to deal with and me.

Barbarian sketches by me in the past.

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