A Certain Psuedo Christian of an Unknown Age.

Hello! I'm Kadeem.
I'm pretty sure that at this point in time. I'm enrolled at the School of Advertising Arts Anyway I love to draw. So enjoy what I have.

Late night @boburnham #sketch because his music video for Repeat Stuff comes out today. I wouldn’t say I’m hyped.

Oh my stars and garters I was blinded by the awesomeness.

All hail Weedengelion.

@Bird #painting in progress #acrylicpaint @meganlattimer

#pearl from #StevenUniverse my favorite Crystal Gems #sketch


Reblog Nico’s selfies

EveryBody Sing


@sundercr this is the finish version because you deserve something complete. #pokemon #oc

some one say something I worked on this.



started this shit today.. should be working on project for the newspaper, but I’m lazy. They’re trying to over work me.

OOOOOOFFF you should be running the newspaper. And changing it to a cute floating girl art paper.

Oh you two…

I’m watching #arrow right now on @netflix and it made me realize I love Batman as an idea. But then episode two happen and I got a toxic dose of, “I have to be an asshole to protect my identity.” I hate this trope. It sucks, so much.


preview! will post full pic soon.

@sundercr this is the finish version because you deserve something complete. #pokemon #oc


Rocket Raccoon and Groot! Bad dudes beware.

For sale now at my STORE!> http://ryanottleystore.bigcartel.com/

First guy to capture this beautiful buddy relation from the movie.

Becasue Ryan Ottely

This show has always seemed like a retro breath of fresh air.

Also animals

Its time i try defying gravity,

and you cant hold me down

Just trying my hand at fashion concepts for another redesign.
#sketch #probablygoing to delete

Finish that Ursula Sketch, I bet you wish i was at SDCC


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